WOOL – Open Call for Wool Craftsmen & Artists

Although wool is deeply rooted in our cultural heritage, it is rarely processed today and the market potential for wool-related products remains undervalued.

The Polo Tecnologico Alto Adriatico Andrea Galvani in Pordenone is the leader of the WOOL (Wool as Outstanding Opportunity for Leverage) project within the INTERREG ADRION 2014-2020 Programme.

The project is being implemented in six countries in the Adriatic-Ionian macro region: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Greece.


The overall objective of the WOOL project is to enhance wool as an important natural resource and thus protect the cultural heritage of handmade wool creations and products.

To improve the attractiveness of wool handicrafts, training courses, exchange of good practices and capacity building for local artists and artisans are needed. The combination of traditional knowledge with contemporary design will allow traditional wool products to become more attractive in the context of national and inter-regional reference. By the end of 2021 at least 3 training sessions will be organised in the Friuli Venezia Giulia/North East region.

The aim of this call is to:

  • identify the trainers who will be responsible for conducting training courses ;
  • identify apprentices who will benefit from free training courses on the creation of artisanal wool products.

All trainers and trainees will be invited to take part in the Adriatic-Ionian interregional network of the WOOL project, obtaining international visibility and opportunities for professional exchange between artists and artisans in all WOOL regions.

Eligible candidates:

  • skilled craftsmen and designers (natural and legal persons) who create artisanal wool products, interested in conducting training courses on the theme of handmade wool products for other craftsmen ;
  • legal entities (Smes, associations, Ngos) working or interested in the training and introduction of artisanal wool products ;
  • people interested in creating artisanal wool products.

All eligible candidates are invited to send a letter of interest, specifying:

  • the contact details ;
  • experience in the craftsmanship of wool products ;
  • Main motivation for participation in WOOL training courses as wool trainers and/or trainees/trainees.

Letters of interest should be sent to the following e-mail address: direzione@poloaa.it with reference: “WOOL Call for Wool Craftsmen & Artists“.

Individual interviews will be conducted with the selected candidates.

Deadline for the application

This call will remain open until there are vacancies for trainers and trainees, and therefore no later than 30.10.2021.

For the complete call for applications, please consult https://www.polotecnologicoaltoadriatico.it/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Local-open-call-for-craftsmen-and-artists-POLO-AA-ITA.docx.

The WOOL as Outstanding Opportunity for Leverage project is available at the following link https://wool.adrioninterreg.eu/.

Data scadenza: 30/10/2021 00:00