4DODO is a studio that operates worldwide, specializing in immersive content production, real-time and interactive media as well as hardware and software technology for multimedia installation, ship cruises, theater and concerts, amusement parks, immersive spaces, museums and exhibitions, live events.

Formed by a team of 20 people specialized in different sectors, 4DODO was born to provide support to institutions and companies that want to use cutting-edge digital technologies to make unique and unforgettable live experiences.

4DODO offers creative and technical support, develops contents and technologies to achieve the desired result, from the initial concept of the project to its complete realization.

The projects we create go from the initial project to its realization under every aspect. We supply our customers with technical, creative – artistic support to achieve the aimed result, we create managing tools and interfaces easy to use even for not insiders and provide training to staff in charge of managing the event or the installation.

We are spcialize in:

  • designing and construction of Multimedia Experiences, set-ups design and implementation, Project Management;
  • immersive, interactive, real-time and high-resolution contents (reaching 24K+ );
  • high-performance multimedia systems and custom hardware e software development;
  • building easy to use interfaces;
  • staff training and on site and remote support.

4DODO Academy is The Multimedia Project Academy which organizes workshops, masterclass, webinars and events about the technologies and contents for multimedia entertainment experiences.