ANTHES is a studio of graphic design & communication by Ruano Virginia e Ciani Mauro S.n.c., the company headquarters is situated in Riva Bartolini 4, in Udine.

We love to “dress up” each typology of tool of communication in an original and congruent way in regard to the predetermined aims, and by the graphic design we are able to find the most appriopriate creative solution to chase client’s intent : we do that taking advantage from expressive channels more suitables and including each area : food, clothing, funitures, culture, events


Creativity analysed for a requested context is addressed (or decomposed) into various and differents services or tools: from planning of brochure and catalogues, leaflet, depliant, flyer, to brand identity, products packaging, logo design or restyling, naming, adv, poster, company profile, graphic design for exibition stand ….

  • We realize website with wordpress ;
  • We manage social media (sponsored, creation of post, editorial plan…);
  • We elaborate video as motion graphic.

Illustration : we take care of art direction, planning, illustration.

Motion graphic : motion graphic are short live videos whose concept is to “getting through” a message/a comunication/a business presentation/new products or new services /business plus/ in a light, charming, modern and dynamic perspective, using short videos realized with infografic and illustrations in motion… Currently motion graphic are having avendo excellent outcomes and they are used on social media, on business website siti and on various web channels.