Distretto Culturale del Pianoforte

From the experience of “Sacile Città della Musica e del Pianoforte” was born in 2018 “Musicae – distretto culturale del pianoforte”, a new project that was born on the impulse of PianoFVG together with the Municipality of Sacile and over 30 subjects (between public bodies, private individuals, professionals, companies, traders, etc.) which have so far joined this network, which acts as a new driving force in the fields of art, culture, training, entrepreneurship and tourism, based in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region but also partners in other areas of interest, in Italy and abroad.

The initiatives of “Musicae” are particularly oriented to the socio-cultural development of the territory through priority criteria of sustainability, innovation and stimulation of new ideas and public-private partnerships in the field of Cultural and Creative Enterprises.

Starting from a wide-ranging reflection on the themes of “Music, Enterprise, Creativity”, the District has started a path in which the theme of “harmonious wood” has found a special place: from the privileged relationship with the educational sector, through the project “Officina dell’Arte” with the IPSIA del Legno “Carniello” of Brugnera (for workshops of musical instruments, under the guidance of master craftsmen of the FVG), to the experience of “Legno Vivo”, in which the flourishing musical and artisanal activity of an area that, In addition to important local traditions, it has one of the most important brands in the world for the production of concert instruments, it concretely combines exemplary models of “cultural enterprise”, musical fruition, training and tourism promotion.

Sede Legale: Via A. Stefani, 16 – 33070 Budoia (PN) – IT
Sede Operativa: Campo Marzio, 6/I Condominio Corte Pelizza – 33077 Sacile (PN) – IT