Quasar film is a company based in Friuli Venezia Giulia region in Northern Italy which works on national and international level. Our structure consists of two separate departments: Quasar Corporate and Quasar Film. Quasar Corporate is dedicated to the production of corporate and advertising video content whilst Quasar Film focuses on film and TV content production. The development of both departments has been based on constant technology and audiovisual languages update.

On one hand, our brand comunication activity has been forcing us to constantly update the technologies we use in our process in order to provide innovative and modern products.

On the other hand, the experience in cinematographic field has taught us the importance of for storytelling in order to create products of interesting content and strong visual impact.

Our headquarters have over 1000 sqm of studio facilities for photography and video production, the space and the facilities are particularly up-to-date. This fact let us curate every detail and phase of production of any audiovisual content, from its ideation to its production, thanks to a team of specialised professionals.

In time, we expanded our audiovisual languages thanks to immersive photo and video contents with use of 3D rendering as well as 360° stereoscopic shootings, applying this technology to websites, apps and hardware installation. We have developed skills in VR and Augmented Reality field.