Corrado Campobasso

As researcher, he has dealt with geo-economic and geo-political analysis, issues related to the politics and economies in transition of Eastern Europe, the CIS countries and the BRIC. As analyst he has dealt with issues related to the internationalization of Smes, Territorial analysis and context, Context analysis for European projects, Gap Analysis and Benchmarking Analysis.

He has continuously participated in the activities of CRE:HUB and CHIMERA projects for which he has written a series of project Deliverables including State of the Art Analysis (CRE:HUB; CHIMERA), the Matrix of Barriers and Solutions (CRE:HUB), the Joint Report on Peer Reviews (CRE:HUB).

As part of the Regional Observatory of Culture has developed a Report on the Supply and Demand of Cultural Activities and Services, he has prepared a Report on the Consistency of Cultural Heritage and he has developed a Report on the Survey of Cultural and Creative Enterprises.