Roberto Pillon

Roberto Pillon is a specialist in supporting creation and development of innovative enterprises. At Area Science Park he is involved in various activities aimed at defining and implementing innovative methodologies, tools and services to support business development.

He provides strategic consulting, training and coaching and he is in charge of selecting, evaluating and supporting innovative start-ups and spin-offs with the aim of increasing their competitiveness through valorisation of research results, technology transfer and advanced entrepreneurial training.
He collaborates in the identification, design and development of new methodologies, policy tools and programmatic interventions at a national and international level with the aim of optimising the initiatives of the ecosystem where business generation processes take place.

In the context of business incubation, acceleration and consolidation programmes financed through the 2014-2020 ERDF ROP for Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Regional Authority has chosen Area Science Park to coordinate the network of certified regional incubators to foster the creation and development of new entrepreneurship in the sector of Cultural and Creative Enterprises (CCI) and tourism. Roberto is the referent for technical coordination of project activities and both internal and external workflows, while maintaining relations with the Regional Authority and the certified incubators involved.