Sergio Calò

I think the largest cultural and economic change in our country is considered the Cultural Heritage primarily an Economic Patrimony with which to develop profitable and affordable activities for domestic and foreign. Using the economies generated by the Patrimony we can enable monitoring, conservation and enhancement to it, triggering a positive contributor to growth and development.

I’m a artistic and monumental restorer since 1993.
I performed restorations throughout Italy, since 2001 I founded Opera srl, and I restored works by Perugino, Dalla Vecchia, Muttoni, I restored of UNESCO monumental works, or for example the frescoes in the church of San Lorenzo in Genoa, the frescoes by Giambattista Tiepolo in Monteviale – Vicenza and decorated surfaces construction Garzoni Moro Palace, on the Grand Canal in Venice.

Since 2007 I’m the technical manager of the Venetian Cluster for Cultural and Environmental Heritage. I write, and I’m technical manager in regional, national and international projects for innovation and research, economic development and the functioning of our artistic heritage and landscape, with themes from cultural tourism to nanotechnology applied.

I wrote and collaborated on the project ATTESS – energy efficiency of historic buildings – the first global project on a national level. I was a consultant for the project office for the scientific and technological park of Venice (Vega Park) from the year 2008 to 2010.

I’m a consultant for Regional organizations, for coordination skills of public-private development nationally and internationally projects.
I’m national technical manager to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regions of Italy on the restoration and enhancement of Cultural Heritage in China (MAE Regions China project and ICE China Regions project).
I have published articles and books on the restoration of works of art and national development projects.